Butterfly (1999)

Directed By – José Luis Cuerda

Screenplay By – Rafael Azcona, José Luis Cuerda & Manuel Rivas

Cinematography By – Javier Salmones

Starring Manuel Lozano & Fernando Fernán Gómez

96 min.

Butterfly or “La Lengua de las Mariposas” is a tiny yet brilliant little film. It’s about a shy boy and his family a year before the fascists take over Spain. Butterfly is terrifically heartfelt and the relationship that unfolds between Mancho and his teacher Don Gregorio is beautiful and touching. What Mancho learns in a year through school and real life experience is to appreciate the beauty of the world and that lesson should not be lost on anyone.

Manuel Lozano is adorable as he gives little shrugs and head movements to convey all his inner feelings, while Fernando Fernán Gómez commands attention every time he’s on screen by holding a demeanor that is both fragile yet powerful in knowledge. From their first interaction with each other the chemistry between Mauel Lozano and Fernando Fernán Gómez undeniable.

Butterfly is a movie worth watching.

God Bless America


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