La Última Muerte (2011)

Directed By – David Ruiz

Screenplay By – Alexis Fridman, Gaël Geneau, Fernando Rovzar, David Ruiz & Patricio Saiz

Cinematography By – Juan Jose Saravia

Starring Álvaro Guerrero & Kuno Becker

104 min.

Eh, The Last Death starts off extremely intriguing but it takes too long to get anywhere and by the time it does you don’t care anymore because there are so many holes in this movie that you’ve given up and just want La Última Muerte to ultimately end. The title kind of makes sense but not really. The story kind of makes sense but not really. The opening scene is really interesting and Álvaro Guerrero and Kuno Becker have a captivating chemistry together but the movie doesn’t play on that as Kuno’s character does nothing but moan and groan for the last hour of the movie.

Essentially don’t waste your time with this one. I mean there’s a scene where the bad guys invade a hospital and kill everyone in the halls just for fun while they’re looking for one guy. What bad guys, besides terrorists, openly maul down hospital employees and patients no questions asked? It’s one of the most improbable scenes ever and basically had me pissed the rest of the way through. It’s like “Hey your a nurse here and I’m looking for this guy in this hospital so die Bitch!” Really? And that’s all I have to say about that.

God Bless America


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