The Interview (2014)

Directed By – Evan Goldberg & Seth Rogen

Screenplay By – Dan Sterling

Cinematography By – Brandon Trost

Starring James Franco & Seth Rogen

112 min.

I know. You’re thinking “But Bear, The Interview isn’t a foreign film, aren’t you breaking you year of foreign films rule?” Yeah I am so fuck off! Clearly you’re underestimating how much I love Seth Rogen movies, especially when him and Evan Goldberg are directing and when he’s teaming up with his old pal James Franco to make something hilarious for us all.

While The Interview is no This Is The End, it is funny and a fucking good time. If you have a problem with that well suck on my teets, The Interview is funny end of story. Also everyone knows that there’s the sophomore slump and The Interview is a dang good second entry for Rogen and Goldberg’s directing filmographies.

James Franco comes out of the gates hilarious in this opening of this movie. He’s ridiculously absurd and outlandish in the greatest James Franco way possible. Seth Rogen is our standard straight yet funny man and I enjoyed the hell out of it like always.

Am I a sucker for this team of filmmakers, you bet your sweet ass I am and there is no shame either because these guys are just fucking funny. I will continue to support their work as long as they keep giving us their all like they have been.

And the whole North Korea going to war over this movie thing only adds to the hilarity of this film as they even make Kim Jong Un into a kind of a total dictator badass who’s honeydicking everyone but also likes Katy Perry and margaritas…but who doesn’t?

God Bless America


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