Project Almanac (2014)

Directed By – Dean Israelite

Screenplay By Andrew Stark & Jason Pagan

Cinematography By – Matthew J. Lloyd

Starring Jonny Weston, Sofia Black-D’Elia, Sam Lerner, Allen Evangelista & Virginia Gardner

106 min.

I know it’s Kung Fu February but just try and keep me out of the theater, I dare you.

That being said, Project Almanac is entertaining but doesn’t give you anything more than what the previews showed. It’s hand-held time traveling high school fluff, riddled with plot holes and time travel paradox dilemmas. The female roles are flat and all played by extremely attractive girls. Not that hot girls are bad but that there’s no way these would be the girl involved in this story. Even the girl bully is super hot. Also they totally ruin the climax of the film by adding visual effects that are completely unnecessary.

Eh, Project Almanac is a bit of fun and I’m sure my father will enjoy it when he sees it VOD, but overall it’s pretty basic and unintelligent.

God Bless America


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