Five Shaolin Masters (1974)

Directed By – Cheh Chang

Screenplay By – Kuang Ni

Cinematography By – Mu-To Kung

Starring David Chiang, Lung Ti, Sheng Fu, Kuan-Chun Chi, Fei Meng, Lung Wei Wang & Ka-Yan Leung

105 min.

Five Shaolin Masters has a solid plot but an inevitable flaw in its structure. Basically here’s the set up, five Shaolin masters escape a traitors ambush of Shaolin and go looking for help amongst villagers. Each master goes on his own path and encounters and enemy he cannot defeat. The problem is that five times of having a master get defeated, one after another, gets very repetitive.

However, the payoff is when all five masters reunite and train for a final battle with each of their foes, all working on Kung Fu styles and with weapons that will exploit their particular enemies weaknesses. Then it become a badass Kung Fu movie. Five Shaolin Masters is a waiting game and I’m not so sure it’s worth the wait.

God Bless America


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