Belle de Jour (1967)

Directed By – Luis Buñuel

Screenplay By – Luis Buñuel & Jean-Claude Carriére

Cinematography By – Sacha Vierny

Starring Catherine Deneuve 

101 min.

I’m not sure I completely understand Belle de Jour. The story is clear enough, it’s not that I’m confused as to what happens, but I am unsure as to why it all happens, or at least the Belle de Jour’s decision is so far removed from anything I’d ever decide to do that I simply cannot relate to her. Mostly, it would appear that she has no reason to do what she decides to do. The movie doesn’t set up a series of problems for her to solve by deciding to become a prostitute, she just needs to do it for her and I guess I understand her personal need/desire to become a prostitute but at the same time it goes completely over my head as to why she refuses to get what she needs from her husband who would appear to be willing to give her what ever type of sexual fantasies she needs but she just can’t go to him with those requests.

Belle de Jour is a complex examination what happens when personal demons mix with high society expectations and it all works together to make another Buñuel classic.

God Bless America


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