Lola Montés (1955)

Directed By – Max Ophüls

Screenplay By – Annette Wademant, Max Ophüls & Jacques Natanson

Cinematography By – Christian Matras

Starring Martine Carol & Peter Ustinov

116 min.

A queer circus show about a famous dancer’s sexual exploits makes Lola Montés both original and quasi-progressive. The circus parts are entertaining yet sympathetic as Lola is the star performer in the show about her as a promiscuous icon. It is this idea of putting her “promiscuity” on “trial” for the public to see that makes this movie not exactly progressive. Most of the movie consists of flashbacks to Lola’s significant sexual conquests and how she got to the point in starring in this circus act.

There are several aspects to Lola Montés that makes it unique as a film including its change of aspect ratios from the circus show to Lola’s flashbacks. Lola Montés has a terrific use of color and the whole movie is on a grand scale. Lola Montés is one for the ages.

God Bless America


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