Harmontown (2014)

Directed By – Neil Berkeley

Screenplay By – Neil Berkeley

Cinematography By – Ryan Carmody

Starring Dan Harmon, Jeff Bryan Davis & Spencer Crittenden

101 min.

Never having listened to the Harmontown podcast, Harmontown the documentary caught me off guard. Thinking this film was going to be more an in depth exploration of Dan Harmon’s life in the entertainment industry, I was surprised to find that this movie is really a ride along of Harmontown the podcast’s national tour, in which Dan Harmon reveals who he is as a human being as a consequence.

My problem with Harmontown (the documentary) is that it is mostly surface. While we do get a glimpse of the deep down and dark Dan Harmon and how this tour effected the Dungeon Master Spencer, really Harmontown (the documentary) is a visual scrap book of the podcast’s tour. While I’m sure it is a great memento of the tour for all those involved, someone going into the movie not being a listener of the podcast, I’m not sure I got that much out of it.

However, I have started listening to the podcast since my viewing of this movie, so that may be a better review of the documentary than anything I could write.

God Bless America


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