Waking Life (2001)

Directed By – Richard Linklater

Screenplay By – Richard Linklater

Cinematography By – Richard Linklater & Tommy Pallotta

Starring Wiley Wiggins

99 min.

I don’t know what to do with Waking Life. On one hand it’s jammed packed with different philosophies of life, inspiring its audience to be alive and aware in the moment. And, on the other hand Waking Life has no plot, yet doesn’t let any one or two or even five philosophies settle or be explained enough for its audience to really get a firm grip on any theory. I assume Linklater’s rationale for this is like instead of feeding us spaghetti, he’s throwing the entire pot of spaghetti at us in expectation that a few noodles will land in our mouths.

Stylistically this movie is perfect for its subject matter, however, I didn’t really love the style of animation. I loved that this movie was animated, a choice that is just as important as its decision to be a movie about life, dreams and their philosophies, but for the most part I thought the styles of animation used weren’t all that interesting.

That being said, I see myself revising Waking Life as I grow older and my life experiences change.

God Bless America


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