Á nos amours (1983)

Directed By – Maurice Pialat

Screenplay By – Arlene Langmann & Maurice Pialat

Cinematography By – Jacques Loiseleux

Starring Sandrine Bonnaire

95 min.

A really interesting movie. A really strange movie. A really uncomfortable movie. A really beautiful movie. Á now amours is cinematic art but at moments it is an incredibly tough movie to watch. The main character, Suzanne, never seems to be truly happy no matter what decision she makes and while the movie isn’t always upsetting there are moments of extreme physical and emotional brutality. Suzanne lives in a family where very few moments are harmonious and unstrained.

Sandrine Bonnaire, while young and very much a girl next door type, is able to have this extremely sensual beauty. And while her character Suzanne explores her sexuality she maintains an great innocence to the character. But much credit in this regard must be given to Pialat for letting the camera rest on Bonnaire, and giving the viewer’s eyes time to rest on her face, ultimately making her more and more beautiful as the film goes on.

I found the most captivating moments of the film to be the ones where Maurice Pialat is on screen. He commands the attention of both the audience and the cast and he’s both charming and domineering as Suzanne’s father. He also brings the only moments of true peace and honesty to the movie, which is ultimately soothing for Suzanne and us as the audience.

Á nos amours is beautiful, overloaded with emotional complexity and making it a worthwhile piece of cinema.

God Bless America


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