It Follows (2014)

Directed By – David Robert Mitchell

Screenplay By – David Robert Mitchell

Cinematography By – Mike Gioulakis

Starring Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Olivia Luccardi & Lili Sepe

100 min.

Hype. Hype. Hype. (Fart Noises)

It Follows isn’t a good movie. I don’t get why everyone’s going ape shit for this mediocre movie. The cinematography is very very cool and the acting is fine, but Jesus people what the hell do you see in this story?!?!? It’s like a terrible, unfunny episode of Tom & Jerry, i.e. Tom chases Jerry, over and over again. However what makes Tom & Jerry funny and timeless is that they ways in which Tom tries to catch Jerry escalates in complexity, not to mention that they’re adorable lovable hilarious characters . And each episode is only a few minutes long, not a feature film.


After the first 25 minutes of the movie you’ve already gotten the greatest scares in and the movie doesn’t change. Nothing happens in this movie. Only two deaths? In a horror movie about a mystery “It” following and killing people, how are you going to have only two deaths?

How many times do I have to watch her drive away and “It” following her and catching up to her eventually, until she drives away somewhere else. I mean, alright already I get it! “It” is a persistent mother fucker, now let’s move on.

Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, these movies are scary because the monster kills off the protagonist’s support group. Picking them off one by one until the protagonist is left all alone. Because no one dies in this film (except the arrogant boy next door) the girl’s support group doesn’t diminish. She ends with the same friends she starts with at the beginning. Oooo, alive friends, so scary.

BOOOOOO. This movie sucked. I just watched The Babadook and that movie kicks ass, go do yourself a favor and watch that over this overhyped drama.

*Disclaimer* – If this movie was promoted as a psychological teenage drama I would probably have liked it ten fold more than I did. This is not a good horror film and watching it as a horror film will disappoint you. Watching it as the psychological effects of losing one’s virginity is way more interesting.

God Bless America


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  1. In It Follows’ defense, the media and public opinion controls how the film is portrayed. The filmmakers may have meant it to be a teenage psychological drama, but the public wouldn’t let it stand that way. So really, it’s the public’s fault!


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