Manchester by the Sea (2016)

Directed By: Kenneth Lonergan

Screenplay By: Kenneth Lonergan

Cinematography By: Jody Lee Lipes

Starring: Casey Affleck & Lucas Hedges

This is a really good film. This is what more movies should try and be. I’m not saying everything needs to be super depressing, but time is given to the characters and the audience to allow the story to actually matter. We get to witness a situation unfold. We get to understand nooks and crannies of a man’s psyche. It is beautifully shot and gives an importance to the image that isn’t always seen nowadays.

While people have been talking about how depressing this movie is, there is also a lot of humor in it. Lucas Hedges hits every line that he needs to to make us laugh but also perfectly juxtaposes for us how broken his uncle is.

Because of the location and shot selection, even the lack of dialogue from the main character, I found Manchester by the Sea to have a strange soothing quality. Like that of a sad man who has gone to the shore to watch the waves roll in and out.

This is a very lovely film. It is not the best film, it’s not the most beautiful, but it sets a standard for filmmaking and storytelling that people should take notice of.

God Bless America


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