I’m the Angel of Death: Pusher III (2005)

Directed By: Nicolas Winding Refn

Screenplay By: Nicolas Winding Refn

Cinematography By: Morten Søborg

Starring: Zlatko Buric

Runtime: 90 minutes

If you follow my blog, which you don’t because no one does, you’d know I’ve been cruising through Refn’s Pusher trilogy. After an unusual experience with Pusher II, Pusher III makes a lot more sense. Even though it’s a trilogy, II and III feel much more tonally related than I. Now having watched all three though, while still feeling I is the best of the trilogy I have an extreme appreciation for II and III and what they succeed in doing.

This trilogy is about control, specifically an individual’s ability to control their environment. Each protagonist is either trying to have control, find control, or maintain control over their situations. A noble theme and a fascinating one for Refn to have explored. As a trilogy it is fun and gratifying to see minor characters weave in and out of these movies even though the protagonists change throughout the three.

Pusher III makes you want Milo to maintain control as much as he wants to. A man once with unquestionable power in the Pusher world is now aging and fighting addiction (another aspect of how he is looking to control something). But Milo’s time as someone to not fuck with isn’t over yet. This is another great movie by Refn and the trilogy has a lot to say about humanity and it’s dark underbelly of crime.

Watch these movies, they’re all on Amazon Prime right now and you won’t be disappointed.

God Bless America


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