Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Directed By – George Miller

Screenplay By – George Miller, Brendan McCarthy & Nick Lathouris

Cinematography By – John Seale

Starring Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron & Nicholas Hoult

120 min.

Oh did I see Fury Road again the next day?! You bet your sweet ass I did! There’s to much awesomeness going on to be satisfied by just one viewing.

THIS MOVIE FUCKING KICKS ASS, everything about it. The opening sequence of Max getting caught and trying to escape is amazing. Mad Max getting used as a fucking blood bag. Getting strapped to the front of a fucking car. Surviving the craziest sandstorm known to man. It is all fucking amazing!

Tankers flip over. Canyons crumble. Faces get ripped off! There’s a tiny weird person with a telescope. There’s a man with legs the size of elephant’s. There’s a flame throwing guitar!

Tom Hardy is a complete badass. Charlize Theron creates a character that all people, male and female alike, should idealize. “Nicholas Hoult giv[es] the greatest acting performance in the history of cinema.” The list goes on and on.

This movie is the best big budget movie to come out since The Dark Knight and I firmly believe it.

God Bless America