Au Hasard Balthazar (1966)

Directed By – Robert Bresson

Screenplay By – Robert Bresson

Cinematography By – Guislain Cloquet

Starring Anne Wiazemsky, Walter Green & François Lafarge

95 min.

My first Robert Bresson film, and boy, it was something. Immediately when I finished watching this film I thought I hated it, but actually I hated the characters and really admire what this movie is able to accomplish. Essentially this film is filled with characters that all have fatal flaws; some think they don’t deserve to be happy, others are blinded by greed, others pride, drinking, believing they have a chip on their shoulder, etc. But what makes this movie amazing is that the protagonist and the only character that doesn’t disappoint you is Balthazar, the village donkey. Yup, a donkey. And the donkey gives a terrific performance. No, joke.

This movie is not for everyone. I figure Bresson’s other films aren’t for everyone either, but that’s for all of us individually to find out. I won’t return to this one for a while, but it is one that will stay with me for awhile. It’s about a fucking donkey!

God Bless America