In Your Eyes (2014)

Directed By – Brin Hill

Screenplay By – Joss Whedon

Cinematography By – Elisha Christian

Starring Zoe Kazan & Michael Stahl-David

105 min.

It must be nice to get to the point where Joss Whedon is at where he can write anything and somebody will make it. That being said In Your Eyes might be beyond heavy-handedly romantic yet it is at least original, I’ll give Whedon that, it is original. Also having Zoe Kazan in this movie I am immediately bias. Since I saw her in Ruby Sparks I fell in love with her and she can do no wrong. And kudos to Brin Hill for making it appear that Zoe and Michael Stahl-David have a genuine chemistry even though basically all of their interactions are miles apart from each other, even though Hill’s style is more in the realm of made for TV movie than feature film.

If you’re in the mood for an okay original romance that has one of the cutest actress around give In Your Eyes a watch. This movie also has one of the strangest possibly most uncomfortable long distance sex scenes around.