Life Itself (2014)

Directed By – Steve James

Cinematography By – Dana Kupper

Starring Roger Ebert 

120 min.

Life Itself is worth watching for anyone who loves movies. It’s also worth watching for anyone interested in American popular culture or Chicago. But mostly Life Itself is a wonderful tribute to what appears to have been a wonderful man.

Growing in the late nineties and early 2000s, past the height of Ebert’s fame, I was enthralled to learn about the movie critics past, his rise to criticism fame, and most appreciative of his pure and endless love of film.

Life Itself is not the easiest of movies to watch. In fact it is incredibly cringe worthy. The movie capture Ebert in his final stage of life with most of his mouth and jaw missing. While it is a disturbing sight it will bring forth in you feelings of extreme sympathy for someone like this and gratitude for one’s own health and intact facial features.

I’m not sure this movie needed to be two hours long and maybe it would be more entertaining if it was shorter with a quicker pace, but it’s a tribute to man whom who ever he knew loved him and watching the extra twenty to thirty minutes won’t do you any harm.

God Bless America