Dragon Lord (1982)

Directed By – Jackie Chan

Screenplay By – Jackie Chan, Jack Maeby (english adaptation), Edward Tang & Barry Wong

Cinematography By – Ching-Chu Chen & Chung Yuan Chen

Starring Jackie Chan & Mars

102 min.

Dragon Lord (or Dragon Strike, depending on translations) is another solid Jackie Chan movie. There’s something about the light heartedness mixed with creative choreography that goes together so well with Jackie and his movies. This one has two great scenes of Jackie leading teams to victory that are a lot of fun to watch. It is also fun to watch young Jackie with his long hair.

God Bless America

Supercop (1992)

Directed By – Stanley Tong

Screenplay By – Edward Tang, Fibe Ma & Lee Wai Yee

Cinematography By – Ardy Lam

Starring Jackie Chan

 91 min.

Supercop…Supercop is just a fun Jackie Chan picnic where he brings laughs and stunts to spare. Everything Jackie Chan does is filled with comedy and heart but isn’t afraid to make himself look silly and ridiculous…or risk his life.

God Bless America

The Legend of Drunken Master (1994)

Directed By – Chia-Liang Liu

Screenplay By – Edward Tang, Man-Ming Tong & Gai Chi Yuen

Cinematography By – Tony Cheung, Yiu-Tsou Cheung, Wen Yun Huang & Jingle Ma

Starring Jackie Chan

102 min.

I couldn’t have asked for a better movie to start Kung Fu February off with. The Legend of Drunken Master has a tremendous amount of humor along with draw dropping fight sequences. My only complaint is that there isn’t enough drunken boxing but the lack of drunken boxing serves the story better than if there was a ton of it so I guess there’s nothing for me to really do with that complaint.

This movie is awesome, period.

Happy Kung Fu February everyone! This is an exciting time for us all!

God Bless America