JFK (1991)

Directed By – Oliver Stone

Screenplay By – Oliver Stone & Zachary Sklar

Cinematography By – Robert Richardson

Starring Kevin Costner & Gary Oldman

189 min.

JFK is powerful and intense and overwhelmingly convincing. After watching this movie all I know is that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was a government conspiracy and Lee Harvey Oswald did not commit this crime. There’s no other way to put it and we won’t know the truth for another 25 years and that’s if the government does decide to release the secret files. Either way there’s is some crazy crazy evidence and Kevin Costner’s character, Jim Garrison, is as ballsy an American as they come.

JFK is not only entertaining, it’s riveting and all Americans should see this film.

God Bless America

Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

Directed By – Francis Ford Coppola

Screenplay By – James V. Hart

Cinematography By – Michael Ballhaus

Starring Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Anthony Hopkins, & Keanu Reeves

128 min.

Why has no one told me about this movie! This is movie is a cinematic gem! It’s not like it didn’t get its recognition back in the day (it won the Oscar for Best Costume Design, Best Effects (Sound Effects Editing), and Best Makeup), but you don’t hear people going around these days telling you you need to see Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Well guess what, I am! See this movie. Gary Oldman is fucking phenomenal as Count Dracula. Watching this movie you’ll be like “Commissioner Gord-who?!. The dude is scary as fuck and then switches to some love-strick sex-god in a flash and does it with an uncanny bravado. The guy is a PERFECT Dracula.

No surprise here, but hats off to Francis Ford Coppola. The man doesn’t just simply tell the story of Dracula through film but creates a fantasyland for us to watch. The actual diegesis (film world) of this movie is so superb that I felt I was actually in a fantasy. The shadow play in this movie might be the best I’ve ever seen and the color scheme is pure gold. Coppola is a cinematic genius no doubt.

While Winona and Keanu do what they need to, Hopkins is a stand-out as Professor Van Helsing. He is simply a badass and puts Hugh Jackman’s portrayal to shame. Every word that comes out of Hopkins mouth will make you want to fist pump!

Do yourself a favor, get some film culture, and see this damned movie!