All the Boys Are Called Patrick (1959)

Directed By – Jean-Luc Godard

Screenplay By – Eric Rohmer

Cinematography By – Michel Latouche

Starring Jean-Claude Brialy, Anne Collette & Nicole Berger

21 min.

This fantastic short is what every rom-com should be. Great witty dialogue, a fun plot and great acting (not to mention beautiful actresses to boot).

An early collaboration between two French film powerhouses, Godard and Rohmer make filmmaking look easy with All the Boys Are Called Patrick.

You can catch this on Hulu and I highly recommend you doing so.

God Bless America

For Ever Mozart (1996)

Directed By – Jean-Luc Godard

Screenplay By – Jean-Luc Godard

Cinematography By – Katell Djian, Jean-Pierre Fedrizzi & Christophe Pollock

84 min.

I don’t know what this movie was about. It would try and explain it to you but I would just make myself sound like a fool. If you want a dose of Godard I would recommend anything other than this.

However, I don’t believe this movie was intended for you to watch once and for you to move on so quickly. It has deep and powerful themes woven into a complicated mix of characters and relationships. Because of this For Ever Mozart is a movie I know I will revisit in my later years because it is so fucking dense.

God Bless America

Weekend (1967)

Directed By – Jean-Luc Godard

Screenplay By – Jean-Luc Godard

Cinematography By – Raoul Coutard

Starring Mireille Darc & Jean Yanne

105 min.

So a couple whom are both cheating on one another are taking the weekend to drive to visit the wife’s father in order to kill him (by another means of murder if the poison they have been giving him doesn’t work) so that they can get the inheritance that they will both cross each other for. Yeah…

And while that already seems like a crazy plot, really the whole movie is a meta analysis of what movies are and how they are structured and who/what a character is (like most of his movies). Not to mention a gigantic critique on the bourgeois…a giant, in your face exploration of how petty the bourgeois are.

While the movie is basically a 105 minute mindfuck of “whaa..”, there is an epic traffic jam of all jammed proportions that any cinefile will take pleasure in watching. Even if it’s only to gawk at the amount of balls it must have taken to have horns blaring on the soundtrack for what must be close to ten minutes.

Damn you Godard

God Bless America