Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Directed By – Joss Whedon

Screenplay By – Joss Whedon

Cinematography By – Ben Davis

Starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner & James Spader

141 min.

How do you top The Avengers? Joss Whedon doesn’t know that answer either as he merely doubles down on the formula that worked the first time around for Age of Ultron. A baddie who’s looking to destroy the world with an army of minions all of whom never give us even the slightest of scares that they will be able to stop any of our Avengers, makes for a lackluster second half to what could have been something really special.

I think what Whedon missed was that the strongest part of the plot is when Ultron’s focus is to destroy the Avengers. Instead that focus quickly disappears and Ultron refocuses on what do you think? Destroying the world, surprise surprise.

Also what Whedon forgot is that there is an extreme gratification for the audience when the good guys (The Avengers in this case) defeat the bad guys (Ultron in this case). Why I suggest that he forgot this is that he has Ultron clone himself over and over again until he has an Ultron army. Now while this might be useful to serve your “Let’s destroy the world because the humans are actually the evil ones” plot, it also becomes a law of diminishing returns as we watch The Avengers rip through Ultron after Ultron with no effort. So when the “real” or “ultimate” Ultron is actually conquered it’s a big whoopty-fucking-doo.

Is Age of Ultron immaculately crafted in terms of its action sequences and making it feel like all of it’s main characters get the screen time they deserve? Yes. Do all of the special effects and is the sheer amount of time it must of taken to coordinate everything mind blowing? Sure is. But is Age of Ultron just a shinier less original version of the first? Most definitely.

God Bless America


In Your Eyes (2014)

Directed By – Brin Hill

Screenplay By – Joss Whedon

Cinematography By – Elisha Christian

Starring Zoe Kazan & Michael Stahl-David

105 min.

It must be nice to get to the point where Joss Whedon is at where he can write anything and somebody will make it. That being said In Your Eyes might be beyond heavy-handedly romantic yet it is at least original, I’ll give Whedon that, it is original. Also having Zoe Kazan in this movie I am immediately bias. Since I saw her in Ruby Sparks I fell in love with her and she can do no wrong. And kudos to Brin Hill for making it appear that Zoe and Michael Stahl-David have a genuine chemistry even though basically all of their interactions are miles apart from each other, even though Hill’s style is more in the realm of made for TV movie than feature film.

If you’re in the mood for an okay original romance that has one of the cutest actress around give In Your Eyes a watch. This movie also has one of the strangest possibly most uncomfortable long distance sex scenes around.