Cool World (1992)

Directed By – Ralph Bakshi

Screenplay By – Michael Grais & Mark Victor

Cinematography By – John A. Alonzo

Starring Brad Pitt, Gabriel Byrne & Kim Basinger

102 min.

You’d think a sexy Who Framed Roger Rabbit starring Brad Pitt, Gabriel Byrne, and Kim Basinger would be a ton of fun, well you’d be wrong. Cool World is a terrible movie and is incredibly tough to get through. It took me two viewings to watch this entire movie. After I stopped half way through (a thing I almost never do), I thought “Maybe it gets better. Let’s give it another chance.” Unfortunately for me and everyone involved in this movie it definitely did not get better.

The animation is bad, except the still background images and even some of the set pieces were “cool”, but the moving animated characters aren’t particularly well done and the integration of the humans interacting with the animated characters is awful. Brad Pitt looks like a clown in most of this movie and it’s not because of his acting it’s because of the clear and persistent fact that he’s not even close to touching the things he’s interacting with.

And don’t get me started on this plot. Holy shit did someone take a lot of drugs and forget that things have to make sense, or at the very least be fucking entertaining, or what?!

Don’t waste your time. Go watch Fritz the Cat and Who Framed Roger Rabbit and you will have spent a more entertaining and productive three hours instead of wasting 102 minutes with this shit pancake. Luckily I won’t have to watch Cool World ever again.

God Bless America